Welcome to my vineyard

Welcome to the Club de vino 953 of Bodega Maruccia .

Thank you for your interest in the Club de vino 953 of Bodega Maruccia. My name is Frank, I cultivate in Llucmajor a small vineyard at the Bodega Maruccia and made a dream come true. In preparing my wine I combine new development techniques with with and true methods of cultivation and my goal is to produce special wines for special people. The reduced number is prepared for people who are interested in handmade and pashionmade wines and the winemaker behind it. Hence my wines are exclusively transferred to the members of my wine club and are not available anywhere.

Until now, all members who wish to have delivered my wines to Germany can order it on the website. To do so, please login. It will appear centered above the link to the shop. Please note, that minimum order is one box = 6 bottles (can be mixed). If the login information is no longer or not yet available, please send a short mail to to frank (at) maruccia.com I will be happy to send you the login information.

With best regards form the island
Frank Maruccia