Be a part of something really different...

de vino 953

The club was founded by me in 2012. I never wanted an open bodega but I like to share my passion for wine with like-minded people.

I also didn't want to spend my free time with people who do not make me feel good. That, in a nutshell, was the reason for founding the club.

Der Club de vino 953 ist kein versnobter Treffpunkt oder Jahrmarkt der Eitelkeiten. Hier treffen sich regelmäßig ehrliche und interessante Menschen, die gemeinsam Spaß haben, sich für Wein interessieren und sich an gutem Essen und guter Gesellschaft erfreuen.

The most important thing is mutual sympathy! Wealth, celebrity or influence are irrelevant, because all members want to spend their precious time with people they like, with whom they can have stimulating conversations and laugh together.

I personally stand for this and therefore want to get to know each potential new member individually in advance. Only when you have participated in at least one event, are inspired by the special spirit of the "Club de vino 953" and the other members are convinced by you, can you become a member.

The members of the "Club de vino 953" are friends whom I regularly invite to events at Bodega Maruccia. Here they get access to special wines and events, such as cooking classes with star chefs or presentations of other wineries.

Viele meiner Mitglieder nutzen die Möglichkeit, sich mit mir ihren eigenen Wein aus einem Fass oder Ei zu kreieren.

Although Bodega Maruccia is not open to the public, non-members can participate in events as long as they are not fully booked or book tastings for 6 people or more with me.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.